The Blue Jazz Club restaurant is a great place where to taste the true flavor of the Mediterranean during a fantastic live performance of Jazz. In our menu you will find delicious fresh fish, appetizing grilled meats (beef tenderloin, Iberian secret ...) and finally, a careful selection of desserts ranging from jams, sorbets or ice cream. Book now and enjoy the authentic Mediterranean flavor at Blue Jazz Club!


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- Crystal bread with virgin oil, mallorcan tomato and black olive salt.
- Foiegras with citrus leaves, pumpkin purèe, fried leek and crispy bread.
- Marinated salmon with steamed beetroot & green asparagus with Dijon mustard vinaigrette, a touch of rosemary, honey and green apple jelly with black and white andean quinoa scented with orange and carrot. 




- Beef sirloin salad teppanyaki style.
- Salad of caramelized goat cheese and carpaccion of pear and strawberry.
- Rocket and mozarella di bufala sald with dried tomato and black olives.



- Beef tartare with quail egg, Dijon mustard and english sauce to the scent of brandy (served with toasts).
- Red tuna tartare marinated in soy sauce with white truffle perfume with dried tomato adn wakame seawed.



- Pasta filled with mushrooms with mascarpone, apple, walnuts and white truffle oil sauce.
- Forest scented fettucine with shallots, saffron and zucchini.









- Saratoga Burger (irish angus beef, bacon, cheese and egg).
- Vegan hamburger, mushrooms adn soybean sprouts with wasabi, soy and mirim sauce. 
All the burgers are served with potatoes




- Beef sirloin with a sauce of bourbon reduced to the aroma of expresso coffee and grilled canard foie gras accompanied by forest risotto with white truffle oil. 
- Lam rack covered in black olive and Dijon mustard seeds accompanied with mashed and vegetables with the aroma orange.
- Iberian tenderloin stuffed with seasonal vegetables with a low temperature reduction of Pedro Ximenez accompanied by pearl barley with the scent of star anise and thyme. 



- Turbot fillet in 2 grapes chardonnay sauce, foamy apricot cream and iberian oil flavored with green leaves accompanied by winter vegetables and creamy cauliflower.
- Cod loin confit with chickpea purèe, with extra virgin olive oil textured tomato cream and seasonal vegetable. 



- Caramelized catalan cream foam with pineapple stewed in stale rum and chocolate water. 
- Marbled Sacher cake with creamy vanilla ice cream.  
- Cream of hazelnut and chocolate on 5 spices sponge cake (cardamon, cinnamon, star anise, white pepper and dried basil).
- Ice cream cup (vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, strawberry or almond). 
- Varied sorbet (lemon, pineapple, maracuya, mango).



    Life is like jazz ... it's better when you improvise.


    George Gershwin


    " The Rock is a swimming pool, the Jazz is an ocean."


    Carlos Santana


    "Jazz is rhythm and meaning."


    Henri Matisse