The Blue Jazz Club restaurant is a great place where to taste the true flavor of the Mediterranean during a fantastic live performance of Jazz. In our menu you will find delicious fresh fish such as our tuna bass and tatakis, appetizing grilled meats (beef tenderloin, Iberian secret ...) and finally, a careful selection of desserts ranging from jams, sorbets or brownies with ice cream.
Book now and enjoy the authentic Mediterranean flavor at Blue Jazz Club!


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 * Crystal Bread (Bread with a crispy crust) with Virgin olive oil and  Mallorcan tomato and black olives
* Cheese board  with dried fruits and eggplant and orange jam 
* Table of Iberian Ham 100 gr
* Variety of croquettes (Iberian Ham, spinach with pinenuts and cod  brandade) 
* Thai chicken and vegetable spring rolls
* Roast provolone cheese with ruccula salad 
* “Andaluza” style squid with touch of lime   
* Beef tataki on crusty garlic bread with sesame sauce and wakame seaweed
* Soup of the day (ask the waiter) 



* Wild mushrooms and beef salad with oyster sauce
* Goatcheese salad with dried fruit  and vinaigrette dressing
* Caprese salad with red pesto sauce and buffalo mozarella



 * Beef tartare (with toast)                                                     
* Salmon tartare (with cous cous pearls and dill) 



* Tagliatelle with saffron and vegetables
* Wild mushroom ravioli with truffle and parmesan sweet bun
* Prawn and scallop tortellini with chardonnay sauce aromatized with orange and  garlic






* Saratoga Burger (Irish Angus beef, bacon, cheese and egg)
* Crispy Fish Burger (cod with a crispy batter)
* Roasted eggplant Burger with rosemary and yoghurt
All the Burgers are served with potatoes chips




     * Sea bass with roasted tomatoes alioli with confit potatoes   small grilled vegetables.
     * Iberican cod with sweet potato puree and garlic shoots
     * Sesame crusted salmon, wild mushrooms and mini vegetables with mirin rice wine   





* Fillet of Beef  with ragout of oxtail sauce, gratin of potatoes and Swiss cheese. 
* Rack of Lamb cut with black olive crust roasted tomato and spice purée.
* Iberian Secret (tender cut of Iberian pork) with quince sauce artichoke and sweet potato. 


* White Brownie (chocolate and pistachio)with almond ice cream
* Banana rum roll with nutella, almonds and pistachio ice cream
* Lime mousse with pear cava jelly and gold powder
* Banoffee  
* Ice cream in a glass (vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, strawberry and almond) 





    Life is like jazz ... it's better when you improvise.


    George Gershwin


    " The Rock is a swimming pool, the Jazz is an ocean."


    Carlos Santana


    "Jazz is rhythm and meaning."


    Henri Matisse