Charity Jazz Night Saratoga Hotel, Palma 11 April 2018

Image Charity Jazz Night Saratoga Hotel, Palma 11 April 2018

The Charity Jazz Event at the Saratoga Hotel will start at 20:00h and finish at 24:00h.

The entrance charge for advance reservations is 50€; the charge without reservations will be 55€. The events includes a hot and cold buffet with wine, beer, soft drinks, water and coffee served until 22:00. After that time drinks will be available at normal prices.

After 22:00 the entrance charge is a 10€ donation to the charity.

Throughout the evening Geoff Frosell's six-piece Dixie Swing Band will play Classic Jazz from the 1920's to the 1960's.

The Rotary Club Calvia International is organising a unique event to raise money in order to send Toni Quiñero to WCMX World Championship in California. Toni has been wheelchair bound since birth and is participating in a very special sport called WCMX. WC stands for Wheel Chair and BX from BMX. This extreme sport involves doing complicated stunts in a wheelchair on the world stage.

Toni's greaste desire is to participate in the WCMX World Championship this April. He's the only competitor in the sport in the whole of Spain, wich means that he will be only athlete representing his country. Owing to his disability it's not easy for him to find work and he spends much of this time inspiring kids with similar disabilities and teaching them WCMX. Toni came 9th in the WCMX World Championship in 2015 and he is excited to do even better this time around. His web page (with videos and photos) is